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Script Supervisor Course


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Cinema Arts & Tech provides students with hands-on training that is applicable toward jobs in the film industry. Each course teaches you what you need to know to get a job and do it well on worldwide productions. These courses are ideal for degreed graduates who are rising up to well-paid jobs in the industry as well as for entry-level students with no previous film experience or training.


“The Script Supervisor is responsible for the continuity of the film and the complex information passed from the set to the post-production pipeline.”


Start your Film Career today!


There is no start point in this program. A rotating series syllabus allows entry at any time.

You can find out more about the Script Supervisor course by attending and sitting in on a free session. Sessions are currently held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 1 p.m. Call the school today to reserve your space!

“Filmmakers’ aspirations are born of dreams and inspired by passion. Being a dreamer is not enough! We make film magic a reality."

Our class structure consists of 24 courses for six-month period. Once all of the lecture sessions have been completed, you then enter on-the- job training working as a Script Supervisor on the set. During this stage, each student is individually tutored until they are prepared and confident for professional work..


Students may sign up to train one day a week. We also offer an accelerated program, which takes two to three months to complete. To ensure timely progress, this course requires you to attend classes two or three times a week.

“Script Supervising is the steppingstone to producing and directing.”


“Script Supervision is a key production job. Earn as much as
$ 3,100 a week!”


“Screenwriters will learn what it takes to write a script that is able to reach greenlight.”


Classes are ongoing!

Now is the perfect time to start!

Course cost is $1,800 which is about 6 months meeting 1 day per week. (On the Job training included)

Accelerated Program is $2,400 which is about a 3 month program meeting 2 days per week. (On the job training included)


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To register or for more info, please call (818) 787- 8886